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Product code: SW-06
Mosquito Repellent wristbands
Mosquito Repellent bracelets
Anti Mosquito Wristbands
Anti Mosquito Bracelets

Design: Put the Citronella Oil in the watch of wristband. The Citronella Oil never touch in hand.
It is a safely Mosquito wristband, The best design and quality in China.

1. Description of  chess products:
Material: natural essence of Citronella Oil+100% silicone

The safety data of Citronella oil, Please check this website:

The SGS test documents of silicone material, Please check this website:

Size: 180X12X2mm(Youth size) 
202X12X2mm(Middle size)
        210X12X2mm(adult size)
Color: Blue,green,red,yellow,pink, white, black, purple etc.

2. Outdoor&Indoor use:
Citronella oil extract
Effective 4-6 weeks
Adjuctable control of level of fragrance
The wristband is manufactured with silicone with a natural essence of
Citronella Oil to be effective against mosquitoes and bugs. The wrist band has been conceived to contain natural Citronella oil in a special compartment which makes it highly durable, waterproof and convenient for use.

3. Direction for use:
The wristband is perfact for both indoor and outdoor activites such as jogging, camping,fishing,picnic,hunting,as well as other outdoor places. It can be worn as a mosquito repellent protection on wrist or ankle.

4. Level of fragrance:
Puncture any of the five holes on the top part of the wrist band for desired level of fragrance.

5. Precautions
For external use only, do not swallow. Follow and read label instructions before use. In case of allergic reactions, cease use immediately. In event of accidental contact of citronella oil with mouth or eyes, rinse thoroughly. Store in a safe place. Store and keep in a cool, Dry place.

6. Packaging ways: You can choose you want packaging.
We can print your design on the packaging.
1) Simple polybag, The minimum order is 1000pcs.
2) Simple polybag with insert printing paper, The minimum order is 3000pcs
3) Simple transparent sealed polybag, The minimum order is 3000pcs
4) Simple transparent sealed polybag with insert printing paper, The minimum order is 3000pcs
5) Polybag with insert printing card, The minimum order is 5000pcs
6) 4-colors printing sealed bag, The minimum order is 10000pcs
7) blister with printing card, The minimum order is 10000pcs
8. We can print one white or black logo on wristband

9. Minimum order:
Different packaging request different minimum order quantity.

10. Delivery time: 
Between 7days and 25days

11. OEM service:
We can print your white or black logo on the wristbands.
We can print your design on the packaging.

12. Our customers included: 
Wholesalers, Shop, Supermarket, trade company etc.
We have more than 80 customers in
We have more than 80 customers in more than 50 countries.

13. Sales markets of our mosquito bracelets products:
UK,Germany,France,Italy,Spain,Russia,Poland, Greece,Ukraine, Danmark, USA, Canada,Mexico, Australia, New Zealand,New Caledonia,Polynesia,Uruguay,Argentina,El Salvador,South Africa,China,Singapore,Thailand,India,Sri Lanka,Philippine,Korea,Malaysia,Saudi Arabia, poland etc more than 50 countries.

14. Our sales amounts of this mosquito bracelets to the world every year
80,000pcs in 2000
120,000pcs in 2001
180,000pcs in 2002
250,000pcs in 2003
350,000pcs in 2004
480,000pcs in 2005
600,000pcs in 2006
700,000pcs in 2007
780,000pcs in 2008
900,000pcs in 2009
1,200,000pcs in 2010
1,450,000pcs in 2011
1,800,000pcs in 2012
This mosquito bracelet is very good sales now.

Mosquito wristband with different colors and size

Silk screen print one color logo on the wristband

silver foil sealed bag-100% sealed without smell out

Single polybag packing

polybag with insert print paper packing

print card packing

Sealed bag packing without smell out

Sealed bag packing without smell out

Put wristebands in a display box

Mosquito wristband with different colors and size

print logo and print card packing
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